Interested in Joining?

Over the years, many questions have arisen about who or what the Freemasons are. Some of the answers have been quite fanciful, others outright wrong. Below you will find a collection of numerous questions, some of the more popular, organized into four broad topics:

I. Who/what are the Masons?

II. Public Perceptions and Myths

III. How do I become a Mason?

IV. History
Masonry is a philosophy. We believe in one God, but we do not provide a path to salvation... that job is better left to your church. We seek to improve a man's character by two major means: study of the Moral Law and mutual association. We associate with one another to foster the good in each of our lives. We are a place where good men of all creeds may come together and find the common good in each of our lives. We strengthen one another's character through fellowship.
We believe that altruism is a duty which each individual is charged to perform. To that end, we take care of each other and our communities. We preserve traditions handed down to us from hundreds of years ago. We are peaceable citizens, but we fiercely stand for truth, justice, liberty, charity, and fellowship.
Are you interested in becoming a Mason? If so, you have already taken the first step in becoming a better man. Take the next step and contact one our members for information on how to become a Mason.

James Blossman